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I'm married to wisdom. Fuck the generic, stereotypical concepts society boasts; I'm in my own lane. I was designed differently by God to always follow in a different direction and though it's taking some time, I know my future is bright. My longevity doesn't equal the account of money, but wisdom. There's nothing to define me other than my love for music, my passion to write, and my determination to accomplish things in life. I'm too shy [and too ratchet] for anything else. I'm under average if you ask me.

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I’ve have never been the one to point fingers for the sake of incrimination. I am, however, one to acknowledge someone’s misconducting, especially on my behalf.
but how one conveniently forgets their own wrongdoings, while simultaneously playing victim doesn’t even baffle me, honestly.
I get it.

karma is so real, though.
God knows.

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